Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Life to Old Memories

Now that summer is over and the holiday stress, I mean season, is not yet upon us, we can all take a collective breath and relax. Unfortunately, there aren't many places to sit down at the Foundry unless you want to take your chances on one of these wobbly chairs:

It's not a good sign if your chair needs to rest on another chair.

Most of us have memories of these types of chairs when we were growing up. Remember being told again and again to stop leaning back in your chair at the dinner table? There's a good chance your were doing it in one of these. Thankfully, with some woodworking skill, paint, and a vision, these chairs have been given a second, superior life.

Play Rocky theme music while looking at this picture.

But why stop at chairs? There are many pieces now that have undergone the tough love they so desperately needed to both bring them back to their former beauty and update them to look amazing anywhere today.

While we enjoy the rest of autumn we hope you'll come and see what else is being given a new life. We'd love to share a cup of coffee with you, maybe while sitting on some nice sturdy chairs? But no leaning back!